Social Promo - Twitter Video rendering tool 

Social Promo

Social promo was created to deliver customised video content based using individuals Tweets and posted back to them as a reward. I worked on social promo from the outset, generating 
and defining the idea and working out how in reality it 
could work.

I lead the UX for the interface and worked on the video editing to deliver a meaningful experience. I also developed the brand identity and marketing for 
the product.

The Martian

The product was launched on the release of The Martian. It was used to find people on Twitter who were talking about the film. A custom trailer was then generated and posted back to the user with their twitter content, name and twitter handle embedded. This was posted as a notification uploaded to the Twitter platform so that it displayed as an autoplaying video rather than a link.

I worked with the client to deliver a cut of the trailer that would work with embedded social content. I also worked with them on the admin to be able to deliver the tools they required and a slick experience to be able to respond quickly to any relevant content.

Campaign Results

Over 3000 tweets were sent with a 20% engagement rate. Comments from Twitter users including:

“This is so cool, I’ve never been in a trailer before”

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