McDonald's Our Planet - Digital Learning

The Brief

McDonald's want to deliver a more sustainable service across all of their restaurants. To do this they need their staff on board. They needed to engage with all European staff to see what they already knew about McDonald's current sustainability and if they actually cared.

The Solution

I worked on this project from concept to delivery creating a fun engaging responsive experience that delivers information and also gathers option from staff.

I created the concept originally titled Stinky Planet that showed how sustainability can improve the planet using characters of the planet and the moon. This gave me the opportunity to create fun and humour with both characters working as a double act throughout the tasks.

The objective of the game was that the user worked through each section with all their input visually improving the planet. This was brought to live with HTML5 animations and fun characterisations of the earth and the moon. Achievements were tracked with medals for finishing each section and for final completion recognition on the McDonald's intranet OurLounge.

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